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  Wires & Cables
Our transformers division was formed by the takeover of western transformers bringing in over four decades of manufacturing and technical excellence to the fold. We have three fully-integrated facilities in Gujarat with in-house facilities for products such as core laminations, wire drawing, strip mill, winding and a transformer oil refinery. We also have a world class Dry Type Transformer Facility. To further fuel growth, fresh investments in technology, capabilities and capacities have been made in this division.
Our transformer range comprises of state-of-the-art power, distribution and dry-type transformers, ranging from 11KV to 220KV, all the way up to 325MVA. Each of our transformers undergo stringent Type-Testing at labs such as ERDA, ensuring high efficiency and reliability. We have successfully manufactured and type tested transformers of ratings starting from 10 KV to 315 MVA, up to 220 KV class.
  Production Capacities  
Annual production capacity of
5,000 transformers
  Approvals, Certifications & Testing  
R&D facilities certified by DSIR, Govt. of India and are ISO 9002 compliant
Over 500 type tests of several sizes done with laboratories all over the world
Installed type testing facilities of up to 1000 KV with a view to cover increased demand in the future
Product Range
Our wide range of transformers includes:
Distribution Transformers up to 33 KV, 2500 KVA
Power Transformers up to 220 KV, 315 MVA
Furnace Duty Transformers up to 145 KV, 10 MVA
Single Phase Track side transformers up to 145 KV, 10 MVA
Single Phase Track side Transformers up to 145 KV, 31 MVA
Cast Resin Transformers up to 36 KV, 3150 KVA
Current Transformers up to 245 KV
Voltage Transformers up to 72.5 KV
Vacuum Circuit Breakers up to 36 KV, 2500 A, 40 KA
Dry Type transformers
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