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  epc turnkey projects  
  Wires & Cables
  Our comprehensive end-to-end power solutions portfolio is designed, developed, and manufactured indigenously at our state-of-the-art facilities. Be it planning, design & development, procurement, right up to the erection and commissioning, we have successfully executed turnkey projects even in remote areas of India.
One of our core focus areas is turnkey high voltage and extra high voltage transmission line projects. Besides rural and urban electrification and distribution projects, we are also an active and major player in distribution automation and providing project upgrades.
Dicabs is a brand built on the same foundation of quality and excellence that embodies the spirit of innovation inherent in DPIL. It is one of the most respected names in the power industry with a product portfolio that includes – Flexible wires & cables, Power & Control Cables, Conductors, Power & Distribution Transformers and Transmission Towers.
Turnkey Products
Our turnkey services in the sphere of Transmission and Distribution of power are the key to our sterling growth. We not only conceptualize a project for our client, but also take charge of the various stages of the project including planning, design and development, procurement, right up to the erection and commissioning stage. This has made us the country’s largest integrated power solutions provider starting right from backend OEM to the application and servicing fronts.
Overhead Transmission Lines
One of the core focus areas of DPIL is Turnkey High Voltage and Extra High Voltage Transmission Line projects. Our advanced technical capability, financial capacity and superior managerial aptitude enables us to satisfy the customer on all counts of a concerned project.
Rural and Urban Distribution Projects
The turnkey solutions of DPIL also encompass rural and urban electrification and distribution projects. We conceptualize the project and lead it through the various stages of planning, design and development, procurement, erection right up to commissioning.
Substation Projects
DPIL also forays into other turnkey EPC projects. It is an active and a major player in the distribution automation and project upgradation segments. DPIL takes an active interest in the spheres of MV, HV, and UHV substation projects. Here again, our technical, financial and managerial prowess allows us to configure a project that fulfils client demands.
Performance Certificates
  Completion Certificate, UGVCL
  RGGVY Project Completion Certificate, MGVCL
  Turnkey Erection and Commissioning of 11 kV/LT lines, PVVNL
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