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  Investors Relations  
  Composition of Board  
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 Mr. Amit Bhatnagar  |  Managing Director
 Dr. Sumit Bhatnagar  |  Joint Managing Director
 Miss Nivedita Pandya| Woman Director                                    
 Mr. Jaideep Nigam  |  Director
 Mr. Ranvir Singh Shekhawat  |  Director
 Shri Ashok Kumar Gautam  |  Independent Director
 Shri Ashok Kumar Singh  | Non-Executive Independent Director       
 Shri Shailendra Pal Singh  |  Additional Director    
  Shri Ranvir Singh Shekhawat (Chairman)
  Shri Amit Bhatnagar (Member)
  Ms Nivedita Pandya (Member)
  Shri Sumit Bhatnagar (Member)
  Shri Ashok Kumar Singh (Member)
  Investors Grievances and Relationship Committee
  Shri Ashok Kumar Gautam (Chairman)
  Shri Ranvir Singh Shekhawat (Member)
  Shri Sumit Bhatnagar (Member)
  Independent Directors meeting
  Shri Ranvir Singh Shekhawat (Chairman)
  Shri Ashok Kumar Singh
  Shri Ashok Kumar Gautam
  Shri Jaideep Nigam
  Shri Shailendra Pal Singh
  Ms Nivedita Pandya
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